Nostalgia stories set in the 1950's and 1960's

Kingfisher Sunday introduces the Mitchell's, Thomas and Evelyn.

It's September 1951 and Thomas and Evie are about to become parents for the second time.

Evie's joy at the birth of her son is marred by the apparent indifference of her husband.

Thomas is still mourning the loss of his beloved daughter Jane and feels he cannot bond with another child. He feels to do so would be disloyal to the memory of his daughter.

Will he be able to overcome his reserve and give his son a place in his heart? 

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A Nun and Priest Tale

This short story contains the physical punishment of a child by an adult. It by no means condones the corporal punishment of children, far from it. It’s written as a period piece, a period in which things such as childhood CP were the norm and went unchallenged.

Being a schoolchild in the 1960’s was a hazardous business, especially if you went to a Catholic school in a poor working class community. Nuns and Priests wielded considerable power and influence. Some used it kindly, while others abused their position and delighted in cruelty.

Meet Father John and the formidable Sister Austin. Who will triumph in a battle of wills over the punishment of a small boy?

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